We use security codes instead of a key to pass in and out, and we will send you the check-in information on the day before your arrival, passcode can open the gate and your room, and you can get into your room without any procedures if the payment has been completed.

Before you go outside, please press the button on the wall to open the door.

Check in time is 3PM, Check out time is 12PM.

<Access control switch notes>

1. Enter the correct password, the green light on the top of the card machine will sound a long beep to open the door. If it cannot be opened, the door may not be completely closed. Please pull the door back outside, make sure the door closed fully, and then enter the password to open again. If you can't open the door inside the room, please confirm whether the lock below is turned back first. If you still can't open the door, it may not be completely closed.. Please push the door in the room and press the button to open again.
2. When the input error code is lit red, please wait for the red light to turn off and then enter the correct password. If you enter the error password three times in succession, the host will be temporarily locked. Do not press the button again to avoid crashing. Wait a minute and then enter the password.
3. The access control host will re-wire the network debugging from time to time, so sometimes it will hear the sound unlocked on the lock.

<Operating Instructions of Air Conditioner>

The top blue button is on and off.
When operating, please align the sensor above the door and hear the sound and the green light flashes to indicate correct operation.

Press the pink button to select the mode. The text below the temperature "冷氣" is cold.

Press the yellow button to select the wind speed, as shown most left in the remote for the automatic mode "自動", followed by the strongest to the quietest wind speed.